Great Gray off the Chi-town December 3, 2016

Berry Memorial UMC , 4754 N. Leavitt St. Chicago

Saturday December3,9-3

Seeds for Change a Holiday Market, will be the exciting setting to listen to Bev read from her books about Exceeding NO Expectations.

Bev will be reading from the newest, Namaste, Great Gray.

Orders will be taken and shipped after the holidays.

The first two Great Gray books will also be available. gg1

Great Gray Front Cover v.5

We would love to see you.



Great Gray is Travels to Marshfield, Wi

Marshfield folks!

Great Gray, Bev and Nayon will be traveling to Marshfield, Wi this weekend.

Come see us at the PEO Holiday Bazaar on Saturday November 19 at the Holiday Inn Conference Center.

It would be great to see you all, between the hours of 9:00 and 3:00.

The next book, Namaste, Great Gray is not quite ready. But I’ll be taking orders and sharing this endearing final episode in the Great Gray series.


Bev Davis

Great Gray Meets New Friends

Great Gray Meets New Friends has been available since December 2015. Since it’s publishing, we have participated in Markets locally and the Chicago area.

We are always looking for places to share our story of rising above marginalization, bullying and being told you are less than, because of who you are, or seem to be. I would love to participate in your church service, adult study, woman’s club, or anywhere you deem suitable. I will travel outside of the Milwaukee area and will donate 10% of sales to your event. Mileage will be welcomed.

Currently, we are participating in a Tuesday Market At Alice’s Garden, 2136 N 21st St, Milwaukee. 5-8 p.m.

Alice’s Garden is a wee bit o heaven in the center of the city of Milwaukee.

Please check it out!

Friends of Wausau. I will be sharing the adventures Of Great Gray, Sunday September 11 at Riverview Park at 10:00 a.m. In addition to participating in the St. Paul UCC church picnic, I will be selling and signing copies of my books and accompanying stuffed characters.I will be in the Wausau area all weekend, and staying in the Marshfield area this particular weekend. I am hoping to share time with addition groups in libraries, book clubs, children’s birthday parties, or where you think a Great Gray elephant would be welcome. 


Alternative Gift Fair at Plymouth UCC

You now can have your very own Great Gray.

We recently created a partner to the book. A stuffed elephant that resembles our Big Gray friend, down to the cleverly placed ear and the colorful Vahana.

This weekend the plucky pachyderm was scooped up along with several copies of our book at the Alternative Gift Fair at Plymouth UCC Milwaukee, Wi.

We are very happy to share this story with more people and are still looking for other times and places to share this important message of “Exceeding NO Expectations.”

Book $10.00 plus shipping

Book and Stuffed Toy $30.00 plus shipping

Book Signing At Janke’s in Wausau, Wi.

IMG_0738 IMG_0739

Busy Summer for the Big Guy

Great Gray had a busy summer turning heads wherever he went!

In early June, Morgan Park Presbyterian Church, Chicago, invited him to tell his story during their (very yummy) Coffee Hour. He had a very good time.

He also made a stop at Milwaukee’s Plymouth United Church of Christ, helping author Bev Davis, deliver the Children’s Message. He was a hit! Even taught some of the kids how to spell their names using the Semaphore system. (Picture a room full of first and second graders waving their arms as they spell out their names. It got a little windy)

The puffy pachyderm had a big audience as he returned to the town of Wausau, Wisconsin. Wausau, was actually the place where Gray and Bev first met. He was greeted like a celebrity at Janke’s Bookstore, as many of his fans lined up to meet, greet, and purchase a signed copy of his personal story.

The Labor Day weekend found him entertaining the grandkids of residents of a local Assisted Living facility. The kids enjoyed themselves, sitting on their grandma and grandpa’s laps while Bev shared Great Gray’s adventures.

Great Gray has been relaxing for the last few weeks, but is raring to go!

So, if you know a place where he can share his story. Churches, Libraries, Bookstores. I’ll let you be the judge.

We’re willing to travel!

Thank you very much,

Great Gray and Bev Davis

Feeling Good About YOU

Who doesn’t need a boost every now and again? Great Gray Front Cover v.5

Join the world in celebrating the endearing adventures of Great Gray the Indian elephant, who discovered a precious gift that was a part of him all along.

The book is a mesmerizing portrayal of the elephant’s birth and young life with impeccable black-and-white imagery on the interior. The cover is a vibrant matte finish, which feels so delicious to the touch! A fun 8×8 size and 37 pages long, it also teaches the meaning of some Indian words and the semaphore code alphabet!

Read more details about the book, the author, and purchase options at the publisher’s site: