Great Gray Meets New Friends

Great Gray Meets New Friends has been available since December 2015. Since it’s publishing, we have participated in Markets locally and the Chicago area.

We are always looking for places to share our story of rising above marginalization, bullying and being told you are less than, because of who you are, or seem to be. I would love to participate in your church service, adult study, woman’s club, or anywhere you deem suitable. I will travel outside of the Milwaukee area and will donate 10% of sales to your event. Mileage will be welcomed.

Currently, we are participating in a Tuesday Market At Alice’s Garden, 2136 N 21st St, Milwaukee. 5-8 p.m.

Alice’s Garden is a wee bit o heaven in the center of the city of Milwaukee.

Please check it out!

Friends of Wausau. I will be sharing the adventures Of Great Gray, Sunday September 11 at Riverview Park at 10:00 a.m. In addition to participating in the St. Paul UCC church picnic, I will be selling and signing copies of my books and accompanying stuffed characters.I will be in the Wausau area all weekend, and staying in the Marshfield area this particular weekend. I am hoping to share time with addition groups in libraries, book clubs, children’s birthday parties, or where you think a Great Gray elephant would be welcome. 



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