Busy Summer for the Big Guy

Great Gray had a busy summer turning heads wherever he went!

In early June, Morgan Park Presbyterian Church, Chicago, invited him to tell his story during their (very yummy) Coffee Hour. He had a very good time.

He also made a stop at Milwaukee’s Plymouth United Church of Christ, helping author Bev Davis, deliver the Children’s Message. He was a hit! Even taught some of the kids how to spell their names using the Semaphore system. (Picture a room full of first and second graders waving their arms as they spell out their names. It got a little windy)

The puffy pachyderm had a big audience as he returned to the town of Wausau, Wisconsin. Wausau, was actually the place where Gray and Bev first met. He was greeted like a celebrity at Janke’s Bookstore, as many of his fans lined up to meet, greet, and purchase a signed copy of his personal story.

The Labor Day weekend found him entertaining the grandkids of residents of a local Assisted Living facility. The kids enjoyed themselves, sitting on their grandma and grandpa’s laps while Bev shared Great Gray’s adventures.

Great Gray has been relaxing for the last few weeks, but is raring to go!

So, if you know a place where he can share his story. Churches, Libraries, Bookstores. I’ll let you be the judge.

We’re willing to travel!

Thank you very much,

Great Gray and Bev Davis


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